Pricing and payment

The National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013 states that a funded support must represent "value for money" in that the costs of the support are reasonable, relative to both the benefits achieved and the cost of alternative support".

Scheduled payment runs during the festive season

During this festive season, NDIS payments will be processed as follows:

  • Payment requests submitted on 24 December 2018 will be paid on 27 December 2018.
  • Payment requests submitted on 25 and 26 December 2018 will be paid on 28 December 2018.
  • Payment requests submitted on 31 December 2018 will be paid on 2 January 2019.
  • Payment requests submitted on 1 January 2019 will be paid on 3 January 2019.
  • Participant periodic transport payments scheduled for 24 December 2018 will be paid on 27 December 2018.

Price controls

The NDIA sets price controls for some supports included in participant plans. The NDIA will update price controls on at least an annual basis, effective 1 July each year, taking into account market trends, changes in costs and wage rates. Changes to price controls and associated arrangements will be published on this website. Each updated price limit list will include the date it was published to help providers ensure that they are within the limits prescribed in the most up-to-date version for participants.

Not all NDIS support items have price limits, and this NDIS Price Guide is not a comprehensive list of all supports that are available to NDIS participants. The Price Guide lists the specific supports that have maximum prices, and also sets out other rules and support definitions that are part of NDIA's market intervention approach. A complete list of disability supports recognised by the NDIS can be found below (Support Catalogue - CSV).

Independent Pricing Review

In March 2018, the Board of the NDIA released the Independent Pricing Review (IPR) Report undertaken by McKinsey & Company, giving in principle support to all of the Report's 25 recommendations.

More information on the review, NDIA's response and media release can be found in the Independent Pricing Review section.

2018/2019 Price Guide for NDIS service providers – Beginning 1 July 2018

The 2018/19 Price Guide is effective from 1 July 2018.

This approach to price controls and associated arrangements is designed to help providers to transition to the market environment of the NDIS, maximising choice for participants and providing incentives for providers to develop new, innovative services and products.

Providers are also encouraged to familiarise themselves with the NDIS market stewardship approach by viewing the NDIA's Market Position Statements as well as recently released Quarterly data on the performance of the NDIS.

Price Guides and related resources

Support Catalogue - CSV Files

Information on line items for decomissioning

As part of the NDIA’s review of supports, we sometimes decommission support line items. This usually does not mean the NDIA has stopped funding the support, and is typically undertaken in response to system issues or changes to support definitions.

To ensure continuity of supports for participants with these line items already in their NDIS plans, these line items are not removed from the system completely until these plans end. In the first instance, providers should claim or raise service bookings using the line items in the participant’s plan. Line items marked for decommissioning will not be added to new plans.

For a current list of Assistive Technology items for decommissioning and the most appropriate replacement item to be used in future plans, please refer to the Assistive Technology and Consumables Code Guide.

Letter to providers - including summary of changes

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As of 1 July 2018, the claimable travel calculator is no longer required. For more information on travel rules and guidelines, please refer to the NDIS Price Guide.

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