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  1. Process and timing

In December 2017, the Prime Minister and the Premier of Western Australia announced a new Bilateral Agreement for Western Australia to transition to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

As part of this transition, the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) has committed to review existing price controls and other market settings to determine whether they are appropriate for Western Australia.

The review will commence this month in December 2018 and will make recommendations on whether NDIS price controls and other market settings, including the recommendations of the NDIS Independent Pricing Review, are appropriate for Western Australia or should be modified.

Specifically the review has three broad aims:

  1. examine the state of the markets for the delivery of disability goods and services in Western Australia, including any substantial differences from the markets in other jurisdictions (e.g. labour costs, delivery supports in remote regions, existing level of competition, etc);
  2. examine whether the existing NDIS support catalogue and price controls set out in the NDIS Price Guide are appropriate for Western Australia (e.g. allowances for provider travel); and
  3. examine whether the existing NDIS arrangements can accommodate Western Australian service delivery models (including innovative support options) and/or identify if Western Australian models can inform improvements to existing NDIS arrangements.

Process and timing

The Review will commence in December 2018 and deliver recommendations to the NDIA’s Pricing Reference Group in April 2019, for implementation from 1 July 2019.

The review will be conducted in consultation with industry, community and government stakeholders in a staged approach:

  • Release issues paper, invite public submissions and consult with stakeholders – January – February 2019
  • Release of Discussion Paper, public submissions on draft recommendations and further consultation with stakeholders – March – April 2019.
  • Consideration of recommendations by Pricing Reference Group and Board – May – June 2019
  • Implementation of new arrangements – July 2019.

Download the full Terms of Reference (DOCX 58KB) for the WA Market Review.

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