NDIA Gifts and Benefits Register

This register shows Gifts and Benefits valued at more than $AUD100 (excluding GST) that have been received by NDIA Officials. The register is updated quarterly.

October 2020 - 22 December 2020

Table 1: Gifts and benefits register showing gifts and benefits valued at more than $AUD100 (excluding GST) that have been received by Agency officials
Date received Date recorded Gift item / benefit service Received by (Agency contact if not received directly by Agency head) Presented by (giver's name, organisation / country) Occasion Estimated value in $A (wholesale value on country of origin or current market value in Australia)
09/10/2020 15/10/2020 Invitation to attend Consequence Management Course Risk Branch Barrington Centre Invitation accepted by official on the basis of Agency benefit obtained $3,400
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23 December 2020