Public Interest Disclosure

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The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) is subject to the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2013 (PID Act).

This legislation says the NDIA must have a way for a person to report conduct of the NDIA that the public should know about.

This is called a public interest disclosure (PID).

The NDIA has a procedure to follow to make a PID. This procedure includes information about:

  • What a PID is
  • Who can make a PID
  • How someone can make a PID
  • Who someone can make a PID to
  • What happens after a person makes a PID in relation to the NDIA.

Download the procedures below:

Authorised officers

The people listed below are authorised officers at the NDIA. They can receive a PID by e-mail.

Mr Martin Hoffman, Chief Executive Office

Mr Hamish Aikman, Chief People Officer  

Ms Melissa Woodburn, Chief Risk Officer  

Ms Chris Burke, Chief Counsel

Mr Andrew Ford, Deputy Chief Counsel

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22 June 2020