Receiving your access decision

Access decision

When you have provided all necessary information, the NDIA will make a decision about whether you are eligible for the NDIS.

We will send you a letter to tell you about the decision. This is called an ‘access decision’.

Find out how long this takes in our Participant Service Guarantee.  

If you are found eligible

If you are eligible for the NDIS, you will be contacted to arrange a planning meeting to discuss your support and funding needs.

Find out how long this takes in our Participant Service Guarantee.  

If you are found not eligible

If you are not eligible for the NDIS, you can still get information and help from an LAC or early childhood partner to access supports and services in your community.

There are a range of supports within the community which can provide support to people who are found not eligible for the NDIS.

If you have new evidence about the impact of your disability or developmental delay on your everyday life, you may need to complete a new access request.

If your situation changes in the future you can make a new access request. You have the right to ask the NDIA for an internal review of your access decision.

Your LAC, early childhood partner or the NDIA can let you know how to do this and can put you in touch with someone, such as an advocate, who can help you with this process.

If you disagree with the NDIA’s review of your access request, you can apply for a review by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) .

Visit the AAT website at  (external) or call 1800 228 333. You can’t ask the AAT to review a decision before there has been a review by the NDIA.

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6 January 2023
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