ILC Commissioning Framework

We have just released the next version of the ILC Commissioning Framework. This version incorporates the feedback we received as part of the ILC consultation sessions held earlier in the year.
The ILC Commissioning Framework explains how the ILC Policy will be implemented by:

  • Outlining the vision for ILC to build an ordinary life for people with disability through greater community inclusion
  • Explaining how the outcomes that ILC will achieve for people with disability contribute to the vision and community inclusion
  • Describing the role of ILC in the NDIS.

Ultimately, the ILC Commissioning Framework sets the scene for the commissioning processes that will follow.

The Program Guidelines for ILC, due to be released in November, will build on the Commissioning Framework and will provide further detail on the application process and requirements for organisations to be eligible for ILC. The Program Guidelines will then be followed by the opening of funding rounds, through release of a Funding Round Summary.

The Funding Round Summary will include the application, opening and closing dates for the funding round and the selection criteria. The Funding Round Summary will also detail the investment priorities for that funding round. Each funding round will allow for investment in activities that build a robust, coherent, connected capability within the relevant geographic area, or priority area of activity. The Funding Round Summary for the ACT will be released in late January 2017.

We understand that ILC represents a significant change for some organisations. To assist organisations to move to the new outcomes-based approach, we will soon release the ILC Toolkit. The Toolkit will contain practical tools to assist organisations to understand and implement outcomes management and grants management.

Accessing the ILC Commissioning Framework

The ILC Commissioning Framework (DOCX 4.5MB) is now accessible on the NDIS website.

You can also find an Easy English version of the Commissioning Framework, as well as a list of ILC frequently asked questions for people with disability and organisations.

The Commisisioning Framework is also available in other languages:

Implementation timeframes for ILC commissioning by State and Territory

The commissioning process for ACT will commence in late January 2017 with the release of the Funding Round Summary, and the opening of the grant application process. The application process will be completed in time for funding to commence from 1 July 2017.

The commencement date for ILC in other jurisdictions will be:

1 July 2018 – SA and NSW
1 July 2019 – Vic, Qld, TAS and NT
WA - to be advised.

The NDIA will agree with each state and territory the timeframes for the opening of the first ILC grant round in their jurisdiction. The NDIA will release these timeframes in 2016-17.