Testing our new computer system and improvements in Tasmania

We will begin a test of our new computer system and processes to deliver a better National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in Tasmania from 14 November 2022. 

We expect to start the test in Tasmania on:

  • 14 November 2022 for people with disability approaching the NDIS and new access requests, and
  • 28 November 2022 for existing NDIS participants with their plan coming to an end in the next 3-6 months.

Find out what it means for Tasmanian participants, providers and the wider disability community on our new NDIS improvements section.

We’ve spent time talking to participants, our National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) staff, NDIS partners, providers and the disability community to work out how we can improve the experience people have with the Scheme. 

Part of this work has been designing and building a new computer system. Our new computer system will eventually replace the current computer, portal and payment systems.

We have tested the new computer system and the way it works with our staff and partners. It’s now time to test our new system, new participant and provider portals and improvements to the way we work with participants and providers. 

We want to make sure the system and portals are helping us to deliver the participant experience we expect. 

We will also test ways to improve how we help people with disability and children and their families, where there are concerns about their development.

This will include improvements to how we help them: 

  • Learn about and connect with community and mainstream services, including the NDIS
  • Apply to the NDIS 
  • Create an NDIS plan 
  • Make the most of their NDIS plan.

Our test and improvements do not change the rules or the way the NDIS works. 

Some key features being tested in Tasmania include:

  • Closer alignment in the roles and responsibilities of Local Area Coordinators and Early Childhood Partners.
  • More time for NDIS partners to connect people with disability and participants with community and mainstream services.
  • Increased focus for NDIS partners to help participants implement their NDIS plan.
  • Participants meeting with the NDIA delegate who approves their plan.
  • More support from NDIS partners for people applying to access the NDIS and participants preparing for a plan reassessment.
  • Improved payment enquiry system when providers enquire about a payment.
  • A new provider portal and tools for how information is exchanged between NDIA and providers, such as support coordinators and plan managers.

The test will only involve people and organisations in Tasmania.

NDIA staff and NDIS partners will support Tasmanian participants involved in the test. 

We expect to learn from the test in Tasmania. This will help us prepare for the next stages of the roll out of our new system.

We expect the National roll out of the system to happen in 2023. 

Read our latest Quarterly Reports for more information updates on our new computer system.

We talked about testing our new computer system earlier this year, which you can read about in the news item.