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A key role of a support coordinator is to broker supports and services in line with a participants wishes and their plan budget.

How support coordinators do this will vary depending on a participant’s needs and circumstances. This generally involves helping a participant:

  • plan and coordinate their supports
  • establish and maintain their supports.

Design support approaches  

Support coordinators should help a participant design the right mix of supports and services to help them pursue their goals. This should include NDIS-funded, informal, community and mainstream supports.

A participant’s supports should be tailored to their circumstances, needs and preferences in line with the funding available in their plan.

Support coordinators should help the participant:

  • identify their support preferences based on their goals
  • design a schedule of services which is in line with expected plan spend, and will help participants to pursue their goals and meet their needs
  • identify providers who can meet the participant's needs
  • explore and trial different support options
  • evaluate the effectiveness of different support options in meeting the participant’s needs and helping the participant to pursue their goals
  • navigate and work with multiple providers.
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