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NDIS in Chinese (simplified) 英语是否是您的第一语言? Is English not your first language? 若您需人帮忙联系全国残障保险计划,请拨打 131 450 致电翻译及传译服务。 If you need help contacting NDIS, please call the Translating and Interpreting Service 131 450. 口译服务 Language interpreting services 本资料单包含了为需要口译服务的残障人士提供的信息。 This fact sheet contains information for people with disability who need language interpreting services. 参与者手册 Participant booklets 共为残障人士和参与者准备了三本参与者手册,从而在获取NDIS的过程中为他们提供支持。 Three participant booklets are available to support people with disability and participants throughout their NDIS journey. 手册1 —— 了解NDIS Booklet 1 – Understanding the NDIS 了解NDIS Learning about the NDIS 决定是否申请NDIS Deciding whether to apply for the NDIS 加入NDIS Accessing the NDIS 手册1 —— 了解NDIS Booklet 1...