A Host living arrangement is a contemporary support arrangement where an adult participant lives in the home of a non-related person or family (Host) that the participant has chosen. The Host provides disability related support, household assistance, emotional support and a family environment for an agreed level of reimbursement or payment from the participant which is funded through their NDIS plan. 

Once a participant has decided on a Host living arrangement as their preferred option, they can engage a registered provider to implement the Host arrangement. A key role of the provider is to complete the ILO Service Proposal which will be used by the NDIA to determine the participant’s ILO funding.

Host arrangements are person-centred and focused on supporting people with a disability to live their life in the way they want. Becoming a Host provider also offers organisations the opportunity to diversify their services in a way which is aligned with their values.

Housemates and mentors

Another kind of ILO arrangement is where an individual lives in their home full time with a housemate they have chosen who provides care, help and companionship. 

Housemates may receive a benefit that is paid through the ILO supports such as receiving a rent reduction. The type and amount of this benefit will depend on the support they provide.

Another example of an ILO arrangement where the participant is living in their home is where the participant has a small team of mentors who the participant has chosen, who are exclusively dedicated to the participant, and who spend extended periods of time providing direct and indirect support. Mentors are generally paid a salary rather than an hourly rate.

Whether a participant is supported by a housemate or mentors, there will be supplementary supports to sustain the primary support arrangement. Supplementary support can take a variety of forms. 

Read the ILO participant scenarios for examples of established ILOs:

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