Providers must be registered through the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission to enrol a specialist disability accommodation (SDA) dwelling.

For information on NDIS provider registration and renewal visit the How to register page

Requirements for providing SDA and the obligations of registered providers are set out in legislation and a number of NDIA documents.

The legislation includes:

Dwelling enrolment

There are 2 options to enrol an SDA dwelling. A provider can enrol a dwelling against the SDA design standard or the minimum requirements .  

All SDA dwellings must be enrolled with the NDIA through the new ‘my NDIS provider portal’. The portal enables providers to:

  • create and submit new dwelling enrolment applications
  • update existing enrolments, where applicable
  • action requests for additional information 
  • view enrolled dwellings. 

To register for access to the new portal, the SDA provider’s PRODA account manager must email [email protected] with the following information:  

  • organisation name
  • full name of authorised organisational contact
  • date of birth of authorised organisational contact
  • email of authorised organisational contact
  • PRODA registration authority (RA) number of authorised organisational contact.
  • to locate your RA number:
    • log in to PRODA
    • click on ‘Profile’
    • your RA number is located at the bottom of ‘My Details’.

Providers will receive an email notification confirming their registration. Once registration is confirmed, follow the prompts to log in to the my NDIA provider portal .

Watch this video demonstration  to learn how to use the new my NDIA provider portal.

SDA vacancies

Providers must notify the NDIA within 5 business days of a vacancy arising in an SDA dwelling. This is a condition of enrolment under section 29(1)(f) of the SDA Rules.

To inform the NDIA of a vacancy, providers need to complete the online form . Providers will be asked to opt in or out of publishing their SDA vacancy on the SDA Finder.

The SDA Finder is a tool to:

  • help participants find suitable SDA vacancies across Australia.
  • enable providers to list SDA vacancies on the NDIS website.
  • help providers to comply with the SDA Rules

Your vacancy information needs to match your SDA dwelling enrolment to be accepted in our system and published (or removed) on the SDA Finder. 

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This page current as of
19 October 2021