SDA Pricing Review

We have commenced a review of the way the Agency sets the limits for pricing Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA). This process is referred to as the SDA Pricing Review.

Earlier this year we announced that during 2022 the first comprehensive review of the underlying assumptions and methodology that are used to calculate SDA prices would begin. The Terms of Reference are available here

We will undertake this review through extensive engagement with NDIS participants, the SDA sector, SDA investors and the broader community. 

A consultation paper that explains how SDA is currently priced has been released and you are encouraged to provide your responses through the submissions process that is open until 9 December 2022.


SDA is one of the supports that may be funded under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS/Scheme) for some participants.  

SDA funding is provided for participants who meet strict eligibility criteria. Participants who meet the eligibility criteria will have an extreme functional impairment and/or very high support needs.

The SDA Pricing Review is about making sure SDA eligible participants receive the supports they need. 

For most other NDIS supports, the price paid for services is reviewed each year in the Annual Pricing Review. However, building an SDA dwelling is a longer-term investment decision and this means SDA providers and investors need as much pricing certainty as possible.

SDA Pricing Review terms of reference 

The terms of reference for the SDA Pricing Review were released on 22 August 2022.

SDA Pricing Review Consultation Paper and process

We are releasing a consultation paper to gather information about costs and other factors relating to building and supplying SDA based on the current and future economic environments. 

The consultation paper explains the way we currently set prices for SDA, while also posing a number of questions to help gather more information about the current and future SDA pricing arrangements.

The consultation paper and process, which is open from 27 October 2022 until Friday 9 December 2022, is intended to assist you to prepare a submission to the SDA Pricing Review. 

What you will find in the Consultation Paper is information the Agency needs to consider about SDA pricing. This includes calculations and assumptions about many aspects of building a dwelling.

What you will not find in the Consultation Paper are matters such as NDIS participant eligibility for SDA funding in NDIS plans.

This is a very technical review. While we expect to receive information from providers and investors of SDA, anybody interested in SDA including participants, academics, peak groups, industry associations, financial institutions, construction companies, councils, government bodies and advocacy groups are welcome to make submissions. 

Download the consultation paper

Submissions for the consultation paper can be lodged via email to [email protected]

Submissions must be lodged by close of business Friday 9 December 2022.

Opportunities for further consultation

Opportunities for you to provide responses through consultation sessions being arranged in November 2022 will start shortly. To indicate an interest, or if you would like further information about these sessions, email your details, including some of your background and areas of interest in the SDA Pricing Review, to [email protected]

SDA Pricing Review Panel

The Review process is assisted by a panel of independent experts appointed for a fixed term to consider the impact of any proposed recommendations from the SDA Pricing Review. 

The Panel comprises six members:

  • Ms Tricia Malowney (IAC member), Chief Accessibility Advocate Department of Transport, Victoria
  • Professor Flavio Menezes, Director Australian Institute of Business & Economics 
  • Ms Keran Howe, former Executive Director, Women with Disabilities Victoria, and disability Advocate
  • Ms Wendy Hayhurst, CEO Community Housing Industry Association
  • Mr Russell Cocks, property lawyer, specialising in all aspects of property law and conveyancing
  • Ms Leanne Pilkington, Deputy President, Real Estate Institute of Australia

The Panel convened for their first meeting on Friday 2 December 2022.

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