Managing transition periods with supported independent living funding

A participant’s support needs may change and sometimes, this will mean they need a lower level of support.

From April 19th 2022, where there is a change in support needs which causes a material change to a participant’s plan and impacts the amount, frequency, intensity and or ratios of support delivered, we will support this transition by providing a minimum period of 12 weeks to move to the new support arrangements.

We will fund a minimum period of 12 weeks at the previous plan level to support the transition to the new support arrangements.  

There will be instances where more than 12 weeks are needed. This will be specified in the participant’s plan and in advice to providers, where there is consent. 

When this happens, it is expected providers will work with participants to develop a transition approach that supports a gradual adjustment to their new level of funding. 

The change to supported independent living funding, time periods, and budget amount will be specified in the participant’s plan, and in the decision correspondence. 

If a provider is claiming weekly, the new plan will specify the weekly value that can be claimed over the transition period, and the weekly value to be claimed post this period, in accordance with the new supported independent living funding.

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12 April 2022
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