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Health services professionals are often the first people a person turns to for support with connecting to disability supports.

Where in the past, you may have helped people fill in the Access Request Form and supporting information, now we have an improved way to support people to connect with disability supports.

We’ve been working on how we can improve the way we deliver the NDIS.

We’ve spent time talking to participants, our staff, NDIS partners, providers and the disability community to work out the ways we can improve the experience people have with the Scheme.

To help us deliver better outcomes for participants today and into the future, we built a new computer system and improved the way we work. 

We are planning for the gradual roll out across Australia of a new computer system and improvements to the way we work from 30 October 2023. 

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Helping people to connect to disability supports

If you have a patient who you believe is eligible for the NDIS, refer them to one of our partners in the community for support to connect to disability supports.

As a treating health professional, and if you have a patient you believe is eligible for the NDIS, support them to:

You can help your patient find their local NDIA office or local NDIS partner on the NDIS website.

In some areas, we don’t have early childhood partners or local area coordination partners. 

In non-partner areas we recommend you contact us on 1800 800 110 to be supported in accessing the NDIS.

Forms and supporting information

You can support people to pre-complete access information in the NDIS Access Request Form.

The information you provide to support your patient’s application is important. Use the supporting evidence form. 

You can find out more about what to provide to support evidence on the NDIS website.

If your patient has a psychosocial disability, you can also choose to complete the Evidence of Psychosocial Disability form, which has prompts specific to psychosocial disability to help you detail the information required.

The NDIS is just one service system for Australians with disability, developmental delay or developmental concerns.  

The disability supports provided through the NDIS complement, but don’t replace, mainstream or community service supports provided by other service systems in the general community, such as education, health, mental health services and community groups.  

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