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NDIS Price Guide 2020-21

The NDIS Price Guide and Support Catalogue 2020‒21 reflects the Annual Price Review and indexed prices as a result of the Fair Work Commission Annual Wage Review 2019‒20.

Price Guide and Support Catalogue COVID normal update - 1 March 2021 

The following ‘COVID normal’ changes to the Price Guide are effective from Monday 1 March 2021.

Please refer to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response section of the NDIS Price Guide 2020-21 and Price Guide Addendum for details.

Low cost assistive technology (AT) – available nationally ongoing

COVID-19 has changed the way a number of NDIS supports are delivered. The flexible approach to low cost AT currently remains in place.

Find out more on the Low cost AT for support continuity page.

Support coordination temporary line items – ends 31 March 2021

The temporary support measure which gave participants access to support coordination through a flexible line item in their Core supports budget will end on 31 March 2021. 

Support coordination in Capacity Building supports budget will still be available for all participants who have a reasonable and necessary need for it.

The following temporary duplicated Support Catalogue line items will not be available after 31 March 2021:  

  • 01_790_0106_8_3 - Level 1: Support Connection
  • 01_791_0106_8_3 - Level 2: Coordination Of Supports
  • 01_794_0132_8_3 - Level 3: Specialist Support Coordination.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) for providers in restricted areas – price limit reduced

Providers in restricted areas who deliver essential services in certain Assistance with Daily Life support categories can claim PPE against a participant’s plan for:

  • up to $27 per worker, per participant, per day, for supports delivered in person
  • participants must agree to be charged
  • providers can only claim for costs that they have actually incurred.

A list of restricted areas and the dates they apply are in the NDIS Price Guide Addendum.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) for participants in restricted areas 

Participants in restricted areas who receive 1 hour a day or more of face-to-face daily living support, can claim up to $50 per week from their Core budget, against the Disability-Related Health Consumables – Low Cost support item. 

A list of restricted areas and the dates they apply are in the NDIS Price Guide Addendum.

Supported independent living (SIL) providers – extended nationally until 30 June 2021

Two support items - cleaning services and additional supports - are available for participants living in SIL arrangements who:

  • have been diagnosed with COVID-19
  • are required to self-isolate or quarantine
  • are in isolation or quarantine while waiting for the results of a COVID-19 test or because of measures taken by government or medical authorities in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Deep cleaning – extended nationally until 30 June 2021

Participants can access a one-time deep clean cost when a support worker who has visited their home has received a positive COVID-19 diagnosis. 

Deactivated support line items

A number of legacy support line items have been deactivated to simplify the Support Catalogue. Replacement line items are listed in the Support Catalogue so that participants can continue to claims for these supports.

How pricing works

The NDIA sets price limits for some supports to ensure they provide value for money for participants.

Changes to prices are updated to respond to market trends and changes in costs and are generally identified through an Annual Price Review, with any new prices outlined in an updated price guide, effective 1 July each year. 

The Pricing Reference Group helps guide NDIS price regulation activities and decisions.

Refer to the Annual price review page for the latest updates. 

Providers can also read the NDIA's Market position statements and recently released quarterly data on the performance of the NDIS.

Understanding the Price Guide - for participants

Understanding the Price Guide explains the key changes in the Price Guide and Support Catalogue and how they might affect participants, their families and carers.

It’s important for participants to understand all of the prices they might be charged, so they can be confident of receiving value for money from their plan budget.

Other information

Please direct queries to your local NDIA Provider Engagement team or email the NDIA.

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