We implemented the following changes from 19 April 2022.

  • a simplified weekly claiming process making it easier for participants to negotiate directly with providers about how their supports are delivered and reduce administrative burden
  • payments in limited circumstances where a participant unexpectedly leaves shared accommodation, and
  • clear and transparent processes when SIL support needs and funding levels change significantly. To provide certainty on transition periods, we will introduce a period of time so a participant can safety transition and standards of care can be met when new support arrangements are put in place
  • published a timeliness metric specific to home and living decisions in the NDIA Quarterly Reports
  • ensured continuity of SIL funding levels where circumstances haven’t changed providing greater certainty over available supports, and
  • improved our decision letters to better explain the reason for our decisions.

These improvements don’t change the SIL operational guidelines or the fundamentals of SIL decision making however they address:

  •  a number of the practical and administrative concerns participants and providers have raised with us
  • provide participants and providers with certainty over timeframes where transition to new support arrangements are required, and
  • provide a period of continuity of shared supports where a participant unexpectedly exits/leaves a service. 

We know there is still more work to do to ensure better outcomes for participants receiving SIL supports, and also address the issues of SIL providers.

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30 October 2023
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