Specialist Disability Accommodation explained

SDA explained

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) is a range of housing designed for people with extreme functional impairment or very high needs.

It aims to make accessing supports easier.

SDA usually involves a shared home with a small number of other people.

You might also be able to live in SDA by yourself if that option best meets your needs and circumstances.

SDA funding includes the cost of the home or building you live in. Usually, you'll still need to pay rent or other personal costs to live in SDA.

It doesn’t include the services or support you might get in your home.

SDA eligibility

Most participants don’t need to live in SDA. People who live in SDA have extremely high needs and need to live in very specialised homes, usually with high levels of person-to-person support. 

If you have a home and living goal we’ll help you explore your options to pursue this goal.

We’ll start by getting you to complete the Home and Living Supports Request Form.

For more information about SDA eligibility and funding read the SDA Operational Guideline .

SDA Design Standard

The SDA Design Standard is a detailed set of requirements for all new specialist disability accommodation that covers 4 categories of SDA design:

  • improved liveability 
  • robust construction
  • fully accessible 
  • high physical support.

In addition to the Design Standard, SDA must also comply with Australian National Construction Code.

These combined requirements are in place to ensure that you can safely access high quality, well maintained SDA that meets your needs.

For more information about SDA Design Standard and design categories read the SDA Operational Guideline

Finding SDA

If you’re looking for specialist disability accommodation, you can search for vacancies using the SDA Finder.

The SDA Finder is an interactive tool created and maintained by the NDIA to help you find accommodation to meet your needs. 

You can find a vacancy by searching with multiple filtering options, including location, building type and maximum price per person per year.

Search results include more information about the SDA vacancy and contact details for the SDA provider. 

Most available SDA vacancies are advertised on the SDA Finder, you should speak to your local area coordinator or support coordinator if you are having trouble locating SDA in your area.

Search SDA vacancies.

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