To ensure that appropriate funding for assistive technology and home modifications (ATHM) is included in plans at plan approval, the NDIA is preparing to pilot a panel of specialised ATHM assessors.

What is the Specialised ATHM Assessment Pilot?

The pilot will trial a redesigned approach to the assessment and management of planning for participants with complex or non-standard assistive technology or home modification (ATHM) needs.

Ensuring adequate ATHM funding is included at the plan approval stage will improve the quality of plans and reduce delays to participants implementing their plans.

How will the pilot work?

A participant who opts-in to the pilot, will go through the same plan review process as everyone else, except they will have a specialised ATHM assessment in pre-planning. 

This assessment will be done by a Specialised ATHM Assessment Panel (pilot Panel) made up of a group of specialised practitioners experienced in the assessment of ATHM. 

The pilot Panel will recommend ATHM supports (generically described) to the NDIA and the participant, including capacity building supports, to be included in the participant’s plan. 

The NDIA will use this report to build and approve a plan and allocate appropriate NDIS funding. 

Once their plan is approved, participants will work with their chosen service provider/assessor to test and select the most appropriate (specific) ATHM for them.

Who is eligible for the pilot?

The pilot is voluntary and free of charge. Participants who meet the following criteria may be invited to participate:

  • participants with complex or non-standard assistive technology (Level 3 or 4 complexity) needs greater than $1,500.
  • reside in the following NSW and ACT regions:
    • South Western Sydney
    • Illawarra-Shoalhaven
    • Southern NSW
    • ACT
  • have an existing NDIS plan; and
  • have a scheduled plan review during the pilot period

When is the pilot taking place?

The pilot is taking place between April and August 2019.

Why should I participate in the pilot?

The specialised ATHM assessor will provide a reliable, high quality assessment that establishes the scope of AT support the NDIA would consider reasonable and necessary during pre-planning. 

This will let participants, and those they work with, confidently manage their NDIS plan, including the funding to implement all necessary and foreseeable AT supports required during the plan’s lifetime, without requiring further approval by the NDIA.

Feedback on the pilot from participants, parents, legal guardians and representatives will help shape how the NDIS supports people with complex or non-standard assistive technology and home modification needs now and in the future.

Assessments are offered free of charge and will help to contribute to determining the ATHM supports included in your plan. The additional information will ensure the NDIA can better support you to design a plan that is best suited to you and your goals. 

Konekt is Australia’s largest private sector provider of organisational health and risk management solutions.

All staff from Konekt who will undertake ATHM assessments are qualified health professionals with a background in disability. 

The ATHM assessment is face-to-face and will be conducted in your home at a convenient time for you and (if appropriate) your parent/legal guardian or representative. 

If you do not want the assessment to take place in your home, the assessor will work with you to find a suitable location. 

The assessor will discuss the assessment and recommendations with you, and provide you a copy of their completed assessment report when it is sent to the NDIA. 

The assessment report will only be shared with the NDIA and the Local Area Coordinator or ECEI Partner assisting with development of your plan. All assessment results will be stored securely, in line with the privacy laws that govern the NDIA. 

The NDIS will use the information in the assessment report to help develop your new plan.

The specialised ATHM assessment is just one piece in a collection of supporting evidence that the NDIA considers when making its decisions. 

The assessor will recommend generic ATHM supports and capacity building supports for your new NDIS plan.

Upon plan approval, you will work with your chosen ATHM provider to select, test and trial specific ATHM supports needed to enable you to achieve your goals.

If you or your parent/legal guardian or representative are not happy with your experience during the pilot process or disagree with the assessor’s recommendations, please contact the NDIA at and we will work with you to resolve the issue. 

This pilot is voluntary and you may opt-out at any time. 

All participants who take part in the pilot will be invited to provide feedback about their experience and observations.

Any feedback you and your parent/legal guardian or representative choose to give will remain anonymous, and will not impact on any planning or access decisions.

At this stage, only participants who live in the Illawarra-Shoalhaven, Southern NSW, South Western Sydney and ACT regions will be invited to join the pilot.

If you have any questions please contact your local NDIS office, your Local Area Coordinator or the NDIS Contact Centre via 1800 800 110.

This page current as of
7 June 2019