You can claim from your self-managed budget in the app.

You can also upload an invoice or receipt before submitting the claim and save favourite claims to make claiming for regular supports even faster.

Claiming in the app is different than claiming in the participant portal – in the app you will be asked to provide the Australian Business Number (ABN) of the business you purchased your support from.  

To make a claim in the app

1.    Choose an existing payee, or add a new one

To add a new payee, enter the ABN of the payee

  • If the payee doesn’t have an ABN, check the box to continue
  • You can search for the payee’s ABN using the Australian Government’s ABN lookup if you don’t have it handy. A link to the ABN lookup is in the app.

Enter the name of the payee. This is for your records, so use something meaningful to you.

2.    Enter the date or dates the support or service was for

3.    Enter the amount of the claim

The app will save the payee details so you don’t have to enter that information again.

You can also save the claim information as a favourite claim to make it faster and easier to claim for supports you use often.

Where can I find my payee’s ABN?

You can find the ABN for a payee in three ways:

  • on your receipt or tax invoice 
  • you can contact the payee to ask for their ABN
  • you can search for the ABN by using the Australian Government’s ABN lookup tool . There is a link to the ABN lookup in the app.

Why are you asking for ABN information?

We are looking at ways to see where NDIS funds are being used. ABN is the simplest and most effective way to start doing these things.

  • ABN helps us understand what kind of supports lead to good outcomes for participants. We can use that information to help other participants get better outcomes from their NDIS plans. 
  • The ABN helps us understand the types of services participants need. We can work with providers to make sure those services are available for everyone who needs them.
  • We will use ABN information to identify unusual claims and check with you to make sure it isn’t fraud, much like your bank would do.
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24 August 2021
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