The NDIA is responsible for setting price limits for many of the supports that your providers deliver. 

Pricing arrangements are the rules around when and how a provider can claim for supports and services from your NDIS funds.

Our price limits and pricing arrangements help you get reasonable value for money from your plan funds.

Who decides how much a provider can charge?

The NDIA sets price limits for some of the supports included in your plan. The price limit is the maximum price that a registered provider can charge you for your NDIS funded disability support or service.

Providers decide their prices based on the cost of delivering supports or services. The NDIA does not set the prices that providers charge you. You can negotiate with your provider and they cannot charge you more than the price limit.

In general, providers shouldn’t charge you more than they do for anyone else for the same support. If they do, then need to let you know the reasons for the difference.

If your plan is NDIA-managed or plan-managed, your provider must follow NDIS pricing arrangements and price limits. Self-managed participants can use registered or unregistered providers and are not subject to the pricing arrangements.

Recent changes to price limits and pricing arrangements are explained on the Understanding pricing changes page.

Where can I find the pricing arrangements and price limits?

The NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits is the document that explains our pricing rules and the way that price controls for supports and services work in the NDIS. 

NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits set out:

  • general claiming rules
  • different types of support budget in your plan
  • support categories and how they align to your goals or outcomes.

The NDIS Support Catalogue lists the specific supports, sometimes called ‘support items’ that have a maximum price. 

The Support Catalogue also lists helpful things like:

  • support item numbers, sometimes called ‘codes’
  • the date a support was introduced and if it has ended
  • if a support needs a quote
  • which supports allow your provider to claim their travel costs from your plan 
  • when a provider can claim non-face-to-face costs for a support
  • when a provider is allowed to charge more for delivering a support in a remote or very remote area. 

You can download the latest NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits and Support Catalogue from the Pricing page.

Your rights when you are paying for services and supports

When you buy goods and services including disability-related purchases, you have rights under law.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has information about your rights and where to go for help, including:

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