To help you understand how we make decisions about what the NDIS can fund, we have introduced the Would we fund it  guide.

This guide tells you how NDIA planners make decisions about what the NDIS will and won’t fund.

Sometimes it can be hard to understand why the NDIS has decided not to fund your requested support. Or, you might think that decisions for you are different to someone else with the same or similar disability.

When we make a reasonable and necessary decision, it is based on many different things.

This includes your disability support needs, your living arrangements and support you get from your family, friends and carers.

These factors are individual to you and will be different to other people living with a same or similar disability. 

Would we fund it lets you browse through commonly requested NDIS support items that we find cause the most confusion.

For each support item, we explain how we typically make “reasonable and necessary” decisions about them.

When working out whether a support is reasonable and necessary for you, we look at the information you give us against the NDIS Funding Criteria in the Reasonable and Necessary Guideline.

This isn’t a complete list of supports that can or cannot be funded by the NDIS.

Instead, it focuses on the items you’ve told us you want to understand more, or items that often result in requests for a plan reassessment.

If you want to ask about a different item for your individual needs, get in touch with your NDIS contact.

Their names and contact details can be found on your plan.

This page current as of
7 September 2022
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