Operational Guidelines

This section contains information about what we consider when we make decisions under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). 

The Operational Guidelines set out some of the NDIA’s operational information. They are based on the NDIS Legislation and Rules. They explain what we need to consider and how we make decisions based on the legislation.

We are working to update all of the Operational Guidelines to make them simple, clear and easy to use. We have created a new website Our guidelines where we add each rewritten guideline, more guidelines will be added as they are developed and released in logical groupings.

Your feedback helps us improve our guidelines. Get in touch via email to [email protected] or the 'Was this page useful' function on the bottom of each page.

The guidelines listed in the 'Our guidelines' section below link to the new website.

We’re testing a new computer system and some improvements to the way we deliver the NDIS in Tasmania from 14 November 2022.

This test is for Tasmania only and not everyone will be involved. Learn more about the Tasmania test.  

We have updated some of our operational guidelines to include our new computer system and the improved participant journey for the NDIS test in Tasmania. Learn more about the Tasmania-specific operational guidelines.

Our guidelines - becoming a participant

Our guidelines - early childhood

Our guidelines - reviewing a decision

Our guidelines - having someone represent you

Operational guidelines

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13 December 2022