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The NDIA regularly contacts participants, providers and stakeholders to seek feedback on their experience with the Agency.

All feedback is important to ensure we are continuing to provide services that participants, providers and stakeholders expect to receive at every touchpoint from the Agency.

Check the list below to see what outreach the Agency is currently doing. If you are contacted by the Agency in relation to your plan, the caller will confirm your identity over the phone. 

If you’re worried the call is a scam, you can also visit Scamwatch

Supported employment pricing – Industry Consultation

We are seeking written submissions for supported employment providers on how best to implement the new supported employment pricing framework, which was announced on 10 October 2019.

The NDIA wants to understand the operational changes involved in moving from annualised, program-based funding to individualised, participant-centred funding under the NDIS. We want to ensure that supported employees continue to be supported to pursue their employment goals and enjoy the benefits and rewards of work.

In particular, we are seeking input from the sector on the NDIA’s approach to:

  • defining supports in the workplace
  • defining a ‘support worker’ in the workplace
  • identifying the types of disability-related activities undertaken as ‘non face-to-face support’ in the supported employment setting
  • minimising unnecessary administrative burden on providers.

Providers and other interested stakeholders are invited to make written submissions on the implementation approach and to respond to any or all of the questions raised in the Industry Information and Consultation Paper

Written submissions should be made via email to participant.employment@ndis.gov.au by 5pm Friday 31 January 2019.

Assurance review of self-managed payments

  • The Agency has selected a number of self-managed NDIS participants to take part in a review of provider payments, in the Agency's Business Assurance Program testing during July-September 2019.
  • These participants may receive a call from the National Contact Centre to discuss a specific payment they have made to a provider from their NDIS plan. The call will include a short survey about their experiences of managing their own plan.
  • The participants will also be asked to upload documents relating to the specific payment on the myplace participant portal. A follow up letter will include instructions on how to do this.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

  • The NDIA engaged McNair yellowSquares to undertake ongoing customer satisfaction surveys on behalf of the National Contact Centre (NCC). These calls take place between 10am and 8.30pm, Monday to Friday.
  • McNair yellowSquares contacts participants, nominees and providers who have recently contacted the NCC and asks about their customer service experience. 
  • Feedback helps the Agency understand callers’ concerns and issues, which helps ensure we are continuing to improve our service to better meet the needs of participants and providers. 
  • In line with the Agency’s information handling practices, we provide McNair yellowSquares with the telephone number and the date the caller contacted the Agency. We do not disclose participants’ names, plan details, or any other information. McNair yellowSquares is obligated to handle information with care and dispose of this information once the survey has concluded. 
  • More information about how the NDIS manages personal information is available on the Privacy Policy page.

Provider claims and payments survey

  • From Monday 18 November 2019, registered providers will receive an email with a link to a survey about the NDIS provider claims and payments process. The information collected will guide improvements to the payments process to reduce the time and effort required by providers to make payment requests. 
  • To ensure the payment request process suits provider needs, the NDIA will be asking about which IT systems providers use, e.g. MYOB, Quickbooks, Excel etc., relative to the size of their business.
  • The survey link will remain open for seven days and will take no more than 10 minutes to complete. Any identifying information will be removed from the data.
  • For any provider questions in relation to the survey, please email provider.support@ndis.gov.au
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2 December 2019