Finding, keeping and changing jobs

Finding, keeping and changing jobs

There are lots of ways the NDIS can help you to plan for employment. Sometimes it can be just providing information about services available in the community, like Disability Employment Services (DES) or volunteering opportunities.

If you need a lot of help to understand what sort of work you might be good at, or if you are feeling unsure about whether you can work or not, the NDIS may be able to fund some supports and services to build on your skills as a first step.

Other NDIS funding can be used to set you on the employment pathway. For example, if you have community participation funding, think about choosing a provider who offers vocational activities - a provider who can give you opportunities to build skills important for employment, like catching public transport, meeting new people or learning how to manage your money.

For advice on finding and keeping a job, working with DES providers, writing résumés and applications, preparing for interviews and more, visit the JobAccess website (External website) (external).

Let's talk about work booklet

To get ready for your conversation about work, record key information about your work capacity, strengths, barriers and challenges, previous experience in employment or transferable skills.

Employment resources

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