QLD Provider Information Sessions - QLD Remote & very remote (online)

NDIA invites Qld registered and non-registered providers to an information session to enhance their understanding of provider responsibilities and updates to NDIS processes.

Sessions will provide important updates, specific provider information and networking opportunities. 

Sessions are designed to incorporate the latest information on: 

  • Regional Data & Reports
  • NDIS Pricing, Policy and Process (Remote & very remote,  Remote Community Connectors, LACs, EC, Employment…)
  • NDIS Quality & Safeguards Commission
  • Boosting the Local Care Workforce
  • NDS
  • Q & A

There are 4 sessions containing data specific to your region (Qld South, Central, North & Rural & Remote) otherwise update information is the same content.

Please register for the event in your region and complete survey before attending.

Sessions contain data specific to regions (South, Central, North, Remote & very remote) otherwise update information is the same content.