New reports show NDIS is having significant positive impact on Australians with disability

The NDIA has released new data revealing the significant positive impact the NDIS is having for Australians living with disability, and their families. 

The NDIA has released two data reports – Participant Outcomes and Family and Carer Outcomes – which measures the progress of participants since joining the Scheme.

“This data shows the profound impacts the Scheme has had on a range of people over time in the Scheme,” NDIA chief executive officer Martin Hoffman said.

“It offers a unique view into how the NDIS is benefiting participants and also their families and carers, helping us measure how the NDIS is progressing, as well as helping identify areas that may need additional focus.

“This data shows the very real impact the Scheme is having for thousands of Australians. With further improvements set to be rolled out in the coming year, we’re all getting closer to the NDIS that was promised, and one that works for all participants.”

Key findings from the Participant Outcomes report include:

  • From birth to before starting school: participants feel more welcomed taking part in community and social activities – an increase of 11 per cent over three years.
  • Aged 15 to 24: participants are becoming more involved in social and community groups – an increase of 14% over three years.
  • Aged 25 and over: Participants increasingly believe the NDIS helps their choice and control, daily living, relationships and social and community participation. There has been an increase in participants spending their time doing activities that interest them – an increase of 8 per cent over three years.

Family and Carer Outcomes also show significant improvements:

  • Families and carers of participants from birth to age 14: the percentage of families/carers working in a paid job has increased every year. Of those with a paid job, the percentage working 15 or more hours per week has increased every year.
  • Families and carers of participants aged 15-24: believe their family member with disability is getting the support they need – an increase of 30 per cent over three years.

The latest data release continues the Agency’s ongoing commitment to transparency, and ensuring participants, families and carers and the wider public are fully informed about the Scheme’s progress.

Find out more about the latest data release .