Updated Eligibility for oral COVID-19 treatments

From today, more people with disability may be eligible for potentially lifesaving COVID-19 antiviral treatments, including:

  • immunocompromised people over the age of 18
  • people with a broader range of chronic respiratory issues
  • adults living with disability who have multiple medical conditions.

The changes have been made based on the latest evidence on the effectiveness and safety of these medicines.

COVID-19 can be life-threatening for adults in high-risk groups, even when they are fully vaccinated.

The new oral antivirals have already benefited more than 73,000 Australians.

The antiviral treatments, which are taken as a tablet or capsule, can help to stop COVID-19 infection from becoming severe – but they need to be started early after testing positive.

Please talk to your doctor now about your COVID-19 treatment options. Your doctor can help determine your exact eligibility.

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