New resource: Guide for understanding social and community participation supports

We have launched a new guide for understanding supports: social and community participation .

This is part of a series of resources for participants, families and carers to learn about evidence-based supports.

The guide is for adults on the autism spectrum, with an intellectual and/or psychosocial disability. It provides information to help participants think about their social and participation goals, and who they can speak to for support working towards these goals.

It helps participants learn about supports they may be able to access to build their confidence and social skills. It also provides information about different activities they might enjoy that support them to feel and stay connected to their community.   

The guide was developed by the NDIA’s Research and Evaluation Branch. We will continue to release more guides on different topics in the future.

View the guide on the Understanding Supports page. An animation about the guides for understanding supports series is also available, as well as other helpful videos. 

On 20 October, we are also holding a webinar for researchers and practitioners on social, civic and community participation research.