Updating you on our progress with the ECEI Reset

As part of the Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) Reset, we consulted with the disability community, including families and the early childhood and disability sectors. Together we came up with 23 recommendations to improve how we support children and their families. 

We have:

Earlier this year, the Australian Government announced additional investment to improve our capability, capacity and systems to better support participants. This helps us to action any future reforms following the NDIS review .

In addition to the improvements previously shared, in the last 12 months (2022-23) we have also:

  • Raised the age of children supported by early childhood partners to younger than 9. This ensures them and their families are supported as they transition to school.
  • Increased the focus on having a culturally and linguistically safe early supports for children younger than 6 and their families.
  • Ensured our new computer system supports early childhood partners to provide help to families to connect to the supports they need to achieve the best outcomes. 
  • Worked with other Australian Government departments to create resources for early childhood educators .
  • Supported our partners to connect families to other like-minded families in their area.
  • Completed an evaluation to identify the best tools to measure outcomes for children and their families.
  • Committed to a pilot to examine if early intervention for infants showing early signs of autism may reduce the level of support required later in life.
  • Piloted a specialised early childhood workforce in Tasmania. On 30 October 2023, we expanded the workforce into a national team, dedicated to best practice planning for young children and their families. 
  • Worked with remote communities to develop clear information to help children and families access the supports they need.

As part of the recent investment, we are moving forward with the remaining recommendations from the ECEI Reset. Including improving access to best practice providers and evidence based supports through co-design with the disability sector.

For more information, visit the We listened page.