NDIA releases latest financial sustainability report

The growth rate of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is starting to stabilise, demonstrated by latest the Annual Financial Sustainability Report (AFSR) data released today.

In the longer term, projections are $1.8 billion lower in 2032-33, compared to December 2022.

Stabilising of growth is being achieved through considered and targeted reforms – delivered in partnership with people with disability and the disability community.

NDIA Board Chair, Kurt Fearnley said he is optimistic the Scheme is on track to reach the agreed National Cabinet’s annual growth target of 8 percent by 1 July 2026, with further moderation of growth expected from NDIS Review reforms, which aim to make sure the NDIS is working better.

“We are strongly committed to safeguarding the financial sustainability of the Scheme through positive change.

"This will ensure NDIS participants, and future generations, will continue to receive the supports they require to live a fulfilling life.”

“The first step to reducing the rate of growth is stabilisation, and while this can be the hardest step, we are already seeing movement in the right direction,” Mr Fearnley said.

Figures show Scheme growth above expectations since December is entirely attributable to external economic factors - including the Fair Work Commission National Minimum Wage decision as well as RBA forecasts of future price and wage inflation.

The Government has invested $732.9 million over four years to lift the NDIA’s capability, capacity and systems, aiming to ensure every dollar is well spent and goes to those it was intended - participants.

“We know we have a lot more work to do, and investment in change will continue to put downward pressure on the rate of growth of Scheme costs.

“I want to reassure the community – any changes to the Scheme will not happen without working in partnership with people with disability,” Mr. Fearnley said.

For further information on the AFSR, including access to the full report, please visit the Annual Financial Sustainability Reports page.