Removal of Transitional Arrangements for Community and Centre-Based (Group) Activities

As of 1 January 2024, the transitional period for group and centre-based pricing is now complete.

This transition period commenced in July 2019 and concluded on 31 December 2023, allowing providers to move from ratio-based pricing to a fairer and more transparent pricing for group-based supports.

The ratio-based support items have been permanently removed from the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits and moved to the Legacy tab of the NDIS Support Catalogue.

Providers must use the Bulk Payment Request Template for services delivered in arrears before 1 January 2024. Services delivered after that date will be rejected by the payment system.

Starting 1 January 2024, all claiming for group and centre-based supports under Assistance with Social and Community Participation must follow the updated pricing arrangements.


You can email the Transition Team directly at [email protected] for further information.