The power of a scooter

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Julie and Tony enjoy a coffee together at a cafe

Tony De Angelis can’t believe how a scooter has changed his life. Now instead of sitting at home on nice days, he can ride around his community and chat with people. The 56-year-old National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) participant secured his new scooter through his NDIS plan and said it has really opened up his world.

“Now I can ride it around the corner to the local shops. I can go in, browse, buy what I like and actually stop and chat to people. It’s great,” he said.

“The scooter has given me confidence to go out on my own. The best part is I don’t have to rely on anyone for help! It’s certainly made me more independent and helped me socially!” he said.

“I’ve been able to drop off my prescriptions at the chemist. I’ve also been stopping off for a coffee and cake at the bakery a few doors down. Staff are lovely. We have great chats. I’m a regular now because they even know my order before I tell them!” he said with a laugh.

Prior to getting his scooter, Tony didn’t venture out much. “I’ve got Cerebral Palsy in the lower half of my body. I can’t walk far without feeling like I’ve ran a marathon,” he said.

Tony said the NDIS has had a positive impact his life. Now he enjoys much more social interaction, which has also been great for his mental health.

Apart from riding around the neighbourhood on his scooter, Tony is also funded for regular podiatry to monitor his calluses; a cleaner, who comes two hours a week; he gets his lawns mowed every three weeks, and Jack, his support worker, visits three hours a week to do activities with him.

“Life’s certainly a lot better!” Tony said.