New School leaver provider quarterly report released

We've released the fourth edition of the School Leaver Provider Quarterly Report. The report examines the school leaver employment support given to 6,553 participants, their progress, and the outcomes they’ve achieved. 

School leaver employment supports is individualised assistance to help participants with difficulties in learning, social interaction and self-management move from school to work.

The report provides insights into the best practices and factors leading to successful employment outcomes based on data providers submitted to the Agency from July 2022 to June 2023. 

Key data highlights show that:

  • of the 1,548 participants who exited employment supports:
    • 30% achieved an open employment outcome
    • 5% achieved supported employment outcomes, formerly known as Australian Disability Enterprises (ADE)
    • 14% pursued further study or volunteer work
  • of those who completed employment support and obtained paid employment, 67% found work in retail, tourism, trade, manufacturing or operations industries.

Key insights show that:

  • Participants who were assisted to get a job by their provider are more likely to gain paid employment.
  • participants who made significant progress or fully achieved their goals in relation to developing work skills, work experience, employer engagement, and job customisation were more likely to gain employment.
  • where providers spent more time engaging with employers and supporting job customisation, participants were more likely to get a job.

Visit the School Leaver Employment Supports page for a summary of the full provider report, dashboard, and Outcomes by provider lists.