New fraud tip-off form

We are pleased to announce that the NDIS has created a new online tip-off form to streamline the reporting of suspected fraud and non-compliance.

You can find it on our report suspicious behaviour page.

What does the online tip-off form do?

The new form will prompt you by asking relevant and direct questions about the suspected fraud.

This means when you use the online tip-off form, our staff will have all the right information.

The new online tip-off form will also:

  • give users a reference ID once they have submitted a tip-off
  • help the Agency to get the important information we need to follow up properly and quickly
  • continue to allow people to report anonymously.

Why do we need a new way to report fraud?

The new form is structured and captures better data. It will help the Agency to get the important information we need to follow up properly and quickly.

It will also mean the Agency can track data and prioritise resources to continue to combat fraud in the future.

This will help to keep our Agency safe and secure and help contribute to the sustainability of the Scheme.

Do I have to use the new online tip-off form?

The new online tip-off form is the best way to report fraud.

Please use the new online tip-off form whenever you can.

It will help us to get the most relevant information and allow our staff to follow up the report quickly.

However, there is no wrong way to report fraud.

You can also report fraud by calling the NDIS Fraud Reporting and Scams Helpline on 1800 650 717.

The new online form can be found on the NDIA Fraud Reporting Form page.

Should I re-submit information that I have already reported?

No, information that has already been reported the NDIA does not need to be re-submitted using the new form.

You can find more information on the fraud and non-compliance page.