Plan flexibility and auto-extensions now include assistive technology

The NDIA is responding to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic by making some changes to better support participants.

We have made some improvements to support more flexible use of your plan for your disability related supports and services. 

Core Supports budget flexibility

If you have a Core Support budget and are either Plan or Agency-managed, you will be able utilise all four funding categories, without the need for a plan review.

This means you will have more flexibility in how you use your Core Support budget, including accessing the disability related supports you need to achieve your goals, such as purchasing a smart device to participate in telepractice sessions.

More information about Core Supports Plan Flexibility can be found on the Using your budget page. 

Some plans automatically extended now consider some assistive technology 

On 25 March, the NDIA announced a change around automatic plan extensions.

If we have not been able to contact you for a planning conversation on your plan's end date, or your new plan has not yet been finalised, your current plan will be automatically extended for 365 days. In some circumstances you will have budget for things like repairs and maintenance to assistive technology equipment.

Making it easier to use your funding 

We have now removed the restriction around changing service bookings, so that participants and providers can edit these service bookings.

This change will affect all active service bookings created for a service/item that required a quote, for example, supported independent living, SDA and AT.