SDA: new initiatives, clearer language, better resources

We consulted widely with participants, families and carers, providers, key sector groups and stakeholders and identified initiatives we can make to improve specialist disability accommodation (SDA) whilst the broader home and living policy is codesigned and developed. 

This week, we have: 

  • updated Our Guideline specialist disability accommodation with new information about how we make decisions about funding to support participants to live alone with shared on site supports.  The updated guideline also confirms participants who are eligible for SDA do not need to provide evidence they continue to meet the criteria at every plan reassessment.
  • published an SDA flowchart to explain our enrolment processes and new frequently asked questions for SDA providers to address SDA dwelling enrolment and vacancy questions.

Our new SDA information is written in clear and simple language to make it easier for you to understand our decisions.

Our improved SDA resources will help you decide if SDA is right for you, how SDA works and how to access SDA supports.

Visit the operational guideline and the SDA dwelling enrolment and vacancies webpages for more information.