Research and evaluation

The Research and Evaluation Branch is responsible for developing and delivering the NDIA's Research and Evaluation Strategy. This is a key component of the National Disability Research Strategy which aims to improve the generation and translation of disability research.

The purposeĀ of the NDIA Research and Evaluation Strategy is to improve the social and economic participation and independence of participants, increase choice and control in participants' decisions, and to increase financial sustainability of the Scheme. The Strategy has two aims:

  • To ensure NDIA policies and practices are based on the best available information by identifying existing evidence, generating new evidence, facilitating use of evidence in decision-making and supporting NDIA staff in these activities. This will be achieved through the NDIA Research and Evaluation Services.
  • To take a leadership role in driving and shaping the national and international agendas in disability research to maximise its impact on participant and scheme outcomes, influence wider disability policy and practice and enhance the reputation and credibilty of the NDIA. This will be achieved through the NDIA Targeted Research Program and the Centre for Knowledge Translation in Disability Systems Research.

External research and evaluation enquiries

The Research and Evaluation Office is a single point of contact for questions about research and evaluation.

If you would like to request access to the following types of information for research purposes, email us at

  • NDISĀ participants
  • NDIA data, staff, documents or other protected NDIA information; and/or
  • Funding for research or evaluation projects.

All external requests related to research and evaluation will be screened by the Research and Evaluation Office and distributed within the Agency as appropriate.

The NDIA does not provide endorsement for external research or evaluation projects.

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9 January 2020