Research and evaluation

The Research and Evaluation Branch is responsible for developing and delivering the NDIA's Research and Evaluation Strategy. This is a key component of the National Disability Research Strategy which aims to improve the generation and translation of disability research.

The purpose of the NDIA Research and Evaluation Strategy is to improve the social and economic participation and independence of participants, increase choice and control in participants' decisions, and to increase financial sustainability of the Scheme. The Strategy has two aims:

  • To ensure NDIA policies and practices are based on the best available information by identifying existing evidence, generating new evidence, facilitating use of evidence in decision-making and supporting NDIA staff in these activities. This will be achieved through the NDIA Research and Evaluation Services.
  • To take a leadership role in driving and shaping the national and international agendas in disability research to maximise its impact on participant and scheme outcomes, influence wider disability policy and practice and enhance the reputation and credibilty of the NDIA. This will be achieved through the NDIA Targeted Research Program and the Centre for Knowledge Translation in Disability Systems Research.

External research and evaluation enquiries

The Research and Evaluation Office is a single point of contact for questions about research and evaluation. For more information on how the Office can assist with queries relating to research and evaluation, please refer to the External Researcher Request Interim Policy:

You can request access to the following for research purposes:

  • Tailored releases of NDIS data 
  • Administrative data held by the NDIA
  • Staff
  • Collaboration for research and evaluation projects
  • Funding for research or evaluation projects.

To do so, please complete the External Research Request Form or email us at All external requests related to research and evaluation will be assessed by the Research and Evaluation Office and distributed within the Agency as appropriate.

The NDIA does not provide endorsement for external research or evaluation projects.

Current research projects

COVID-19 research project

The NDIA has been working with the University of Melbourne on a survey about the changes we made to the NDIS in response to COVID-19. The survey is now closed.

The survey gave participants, their families and carers a chance to share their experience of interacting with the NDIA and the Scheme during the COVID-19 pandemic. The survey has also helped us understand how NDIS participants have found using telehealth to access allied health services.

Findings from this survey will be available in the coming months.

Employment and Community Participation Research Project

This research project will help us to understand the challenges that NDIS participants face while participating in the community and finding and keeping a job. The research project relates to participants who have autism spectrum disorder, intellectual disability and/or psychosocial disability, and their family, carers and other supporters. 

Through this project we hope to find ways to improve their social participation, and connections to communities, and remove barriers to employment. 

You can have your say in an interview.

How will the interviews work?

The interviews will be either online (using Microsoft Teams), by phone or face-to-face depending on your choice and location (we will adhere to social distancing rules). Interviews will last an hour and are voluntary.

We can provide you with the following supports:

  • Screen-reader friendly emails and text messages
  • An interpreter (including Auslan) for face-to-face interviews
  • Translating and Interpreting Services for phone calls and interviews.

You can also bring a support person with you during the interview if you need.

Participating in the research is voluntary and it will not impact your NDIS plan. Please note that spaces in this research project are limited.

Participants, their family member, carer or other supporter will be paid for their time in line with NDIA’s payment policy.

You can express an interest by calling on (03) 9621 6118 or emailing the NDIA Research Team at

Synthesis of Evidence for Autism Early Intervention Approaches

In May 2020, the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) commissioned the Autism Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) to independently review evidence for the main therapeutic (i.e. non-pharmacologic) intervention approaches for children up to age 12 on the autism spectrum. The review will help to answer questions regarding the effects of these interventions on outcomes for children and their parents and caregivers.

Find more information on the report.

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21 January 2021