Information, Linkages and Capacity Building

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has two parts:

  • NDIS plans for eligible people with a disability, and
  • Information, linkages and capacity building or ILC.

Both parts contribute to the overall goal of the NDIS to enable people with disability to live an ordinary life.

You might not have heard much about ILC up until now. That’s because ILC was not part of the NDIS trial period. But all that is about to change – we have started rolling out ILC around the country.

The focus of ILC is community inclusion – making sure people with disability are connected into their communities. ILC is all about making sure our community becomes more accessible and inclusive of people with disability.

We want to do this in two ways:

  1. Personal capacity building – this is about making sure people with disability and their families have the skills, resources and confidence they need to participate in the community or access the same kind of opportunities or services as other people.
  2. Community capacity building – this is about making sure mainstream services or community organisations become more inclusive of people with disability.

Unlike the rest of the NDIS, ILC doesn’t provide funding to individuals. We provide grants to organisations to carry out activities in the community. Many of the activities that we fund in ILC will be available to both people with disability and families. Providing information about a particular disability or condition on a website or through a phone line, for example, will help both people with disability as well as family members. And the activities we fund to build the capacity of mainstream services and community activities to be more inclusive will benefit all people with disability, as well as their families and carers.

While we want ILC activities to help lots of people, we will also fund some activities that include people who do not have an NDIS plan so they can get the help they need.

ILC Grants 

Learn more about the ILC grant opportunities and the projects funded to date. 

ILC Toolkit

The ILC Toolkit (external) will help organisations increase their understanding of ILC; improve their grant management skills; and improve their understanding of, and skills in, measuring outcomes for people with disability. The ILC Toolkit includes introductory videos about ILC, ILC outcomes and using the ILC outcomes storybuilder and measuring outcomes.

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You can find out more about how we are rolling out ILC under Key ILC Documents. Here you will find policy documents, the ILC Commissioning Framework and other important information about ILC.

Fact Sheets and Publications

Check the fact sheets about arrangements in each state and territory.

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