The Australian Government has invested $429.25 million in the NDIA to improve the consistency of access and planning decisions, to ensure all participants have an equal and fair chance to pursue their goals and achieve better outcomes.

This initiative will focus on recruiting more NDIA planners and providing training, tools and system improvements so NDIA staff and partners in the community have the right skills and experience to better support participants.

What we know so far: 

  • There is inconsistency in the way people are assessed when trying to access the NDIS.
  • There is also a difference in the amount of funding participants with similar needs receive.
  • Participants have told us that some NDIA staff and partners don’t have enough knowledge about their disability and the supports and services they need.

The initiative will look at ways we can:

  • Have more NDIA planners so each planner can spend more time talking to participants and their families.
  • Give participants more support to understand and implement their plan with partners in the community.
  • Provide more time for planners to work directly with participants and their families on developing plans.
  • Build staff knowledge about different disability types and support needs through new resources and training.
  • Develop better operational processes and guidelines about the types of supports the NDIS will fund to support participants achieve better outcomes. 

To learn more about the Reform for Outcomes program and other program initiatives visit have your say.

Next steps 

We will provide updates on the progress of this initiative and any opportunities to share your feedback.

Latest news

Media release: Getting the NDIS budget back on track – 9 May 2022


If you are interested in getting involved in  co-designing improvements to the NDIS, you can sign up to Participant First.

Participants, family members and carers will be paid for participating in accordance with our Participant Engagement Payment Policy


For more information, please contact [email protected]

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23 August 2023
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