Information in Auslan

NDIS Concepts in Auslan

Many NDIS concepts have not previously been translated in to Auslan so equivalent ways of signing them is required. A diverse linguistic team was formed to create the signs to ensure they are accurate and reflect the diversity of language in Auslan across Australia. These signs were created for the purpose of translating existing information in to Auslan, but they have been provided to help all Auslan speakers understand and talk about NDIS concepts in the same way.

About the NDIS

This video will help you understand key information about the NDIS including what it is, if you can access it, when it will be available, and why it’s important.

Getting ready for the NDIS

This video talks about the five simple steps you can take to get ready for the NDIS.

My NDIS Pathway

My NDIS pathway is your guide to becoming an NDIS participant.

This video will help you understand the path you will travel as the NDIS begins to work with you. It will provide an overview of what to expect at each stage.

Working with NDIS

This video will help you understand the role of providers in the NDIS market place.

Reasonable and necessary and Permanent and Significant disability

This video will help you understand what the NDIS means when they talk about reasonable and necessary supports and permanent and significant disability.

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27 June 2019