Completing your Access Request Form

You must fill in an Access Request Form to apply to become a participant in the NDIS. Your parent, legal guardian or representative can fill in this form for you if you want.

You must fill in all sections of the Access Request Form. If you need help filling in the form you can ask someone you know or a staff member at NDIA.

The form provides the NDIA with the information we need to work out whether you can become a participant in the NDIS. It also tells you how your information will be used and stored and provides information about the NDIA's privacy policy.

For information about what evidence to include with your Access Request Form, see the following pages:
Evidence of your disability
Evidence of disability or developmental delay for children under 7 years of age

If you are considering making an access request to become a participant in the NDIS, you may wish to download the following factsheets: