What are early childhood provider reports?

Early childhood provider reports are annual reports written for families of children younger than 9, who are NDIS participants.

Your early childhood intervention provider writes the reports so you can see the impact funded supports have on you and your child’s daily life.  

Provider reports:

  • summarise the supports you and your child have received 
  • describe how these supports have helped you and your family 
  • record progress towards goals
  • talk about outcomes achieved
  • include recommendations for future support 
  • include future goals.

Provider reports are funded within your child’s NDIS plan.

Discuss this with your provider so funding can be allocated for this. 

When and why are reports required?

Reports are required annually. They help you understand the outcomes of supports provided. 

It is best if you have a recent report available prior to your child’s next plan reassessment.

This will help you in your conversations with your child’s early childhood partner or planner.

The information in the reports help us make decisions about future supports for your child.

At plan reassessments, they help us better understand:

  • what supports have helped you and your child
  • your future goals for your child
  • future supports recommended by your provider. 

What information will my providers include in my child’s report?

Reports include information about supports provided, including:  

  •  how long and how often you received them
  • where they were provided, for example: at your home or at your child’s preschool or school
  • who received supports: for example, which family members, teachers or your child’s sports coach.

Your goals for your child and their progress and outcomes:

  • the early intervention goals you developed with your provider
  • how they relate to the goals in your child’s NDIS plan
  • progress toward the early intervention goals
  • how your child’s independence and participation has been supported.

This helps us understand the outcomes of supports you’ve received.

Recording outcomes in reports is important because it’s considered best practice in the delivery of early childhood intervention supports.

To learn more, go to the national guidelines on Best Practice in Early Childhood Intervention .

These guidelines were funded by the NDIA to support providers across Australia apply best-practice approaches to early childhood intervention.

Your future goals and your provider’s recommendations

Talking about your goals with your provider helps them:

  • understand what future goals you have for your child
  • make recommendations to support these future goals. 

Recommendations can include a combination of community supports (for example playgroups, library time or community sports), mainstream supports (for example childcare, preschool or school and local health services) and NDIS funded supports. 

Community and mainstream supports are important in supporting your child’s development, wellbeing and social relationships. Knowing what’s available in your local area and making meaningful connections with these organisations and groups, is important for the whole family.

Is there a report form my providers can use?

Yes, the NDIS early childhood provider report form and report writing guidance will help your providers understand what information they need to include in their reports.

They can use their own report format if they prefer, as long as it includes all the information we have outlined in the NDIS early childhood provider report form.

Download the:

What if I don’t receive a report from my provider?

When you’re next speaking to your provider, request:

  • a copy of your annual provider report for your records
  • some time to go through the report together, so you understand what it means
  • a second copy of the report so you can give it to your early childhood partner or planner.

You can also ask your provider to send the report directly to your My NDIS contact (this is your early childhood partner or planner) on your behalf.

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22 June 2023
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