As a provider of early childhood intervention support it’s important you provide families and carers of children younger than 9 who are NDIS participants, an annual provider report.

We call these reports early childhood provider reports.

As part of the early childhood early intervention reset in 2021, the NDIS consulted with early childhood intervention providers on your level of comfort and confidence in writing reports for families and carers of young children.

Feedback from providers on the early childhood provider report form and process included:

  • simplifying the current report form and making it shorter
  • providing guidance to help providers write reports for the NDIA
  • allowing providers to make a choice to use their own report format if required
  • encouraging providers to report annually and have the conversation with the family about the report.

What are early childhood provider reports?

Early childhood provider reports are written by early childhood intervention providers, and include a summary of the supports received, and show:

  • how the supports have contributed to the child and family’s progress towards their goals
  • outcomes achieved
  • any future goals the child and family have
  • any recommendations you make to support the child and family’s future goals. Recommendations which may include a combination of community (for example playgroups), mainstream (for example preschool) and NDIS funded supports.

Report writing guidance for early childhood intervention providers and an early childhood provider report form are available for providers to use. 


When and why are these reports required?

Early childhood provider reports are valuable to families, carers, the NDIA (including early childhood partners and planners).

We need reports to see how the supports you provide, funded by the NDIS, contribute to child and family outcomes. 

Reporting annually on a child and family’s progress and outcomes and showing evidence of how you have supported the child and family to build their capacity is important. 

Reports that include this information align to best practice in early childhood intervention and the NDIS Practice Standards and Quality Indicators  and demonstrate your commitment to best practice in early childhood intervention.

The information you include in your reports is valuable to the family in understanding the progress and outcomes they’ve achieved. 

It’s also helpful for us, especially at plan reassessments. It helps us understand the child and family’s progress, outcomes, and understand the family’s future goals. This information along with your recommendations, help inform decisions about future supports.

Who pays for the time it takes to write reports?

Funding for report writing is included in the capacity building budget in NDIS plans for participants younger than 9. 

The amount of funding will vary as it is based on the reasonable and necessary criteria and individual circumstances of the child and family. 

Do I have to use the NDIS early childhood provider report form?

We encourage you to use the NDIS early childhood provider report form as it has been developed to help you document important information which aligns to the delivery of best practice in early childhood intervention and the NDIS Practice Standards and Quality Indicators. 

The NDIS report form is available in Word and PDF formats. Either version should be completed electronically.

Please use the Word version if the family requests a printed report only.

You can use the PDF version if the report is to be shared electronically. 

Please open the PDF using an Adobe Acrobat reader to access the features that support your report writing.

You can use your own report format if you prefer. We ask that your report include all the information covered in our form, so that we are capturing the same information for all children younger than 9.

Download the early childhood provider report form:

To learn more about how to write early childhood provider reports, see the report writing guidance for early childhood intervention providers:

    Who needs a copy of the report? 

    Provide copies of the report to the family or carer and make some time to tell them about what the report means.

    The family or carer may decide to share your report with other important people in their child’s life, like their teacher.

    Encourage the family or carer to share the report with their My NDIS contact, this will be their early childhood partner or planner.

    They can email it to them or give them a copy at their next meeting or prior to their plan reassessment.

    With the family’s permission you can send the report directly to the child’s My NDIS contact.

    How can I get help to write the report?

    You can find further guidance on how to write reports for the NDIA in the report writing guidance for early childhood intervention providers.

    This guide will help you to report on how the supports you provided have contributed to the child and family’s goals, progress and outcomes and how these relate to their overall NDIS plan goals and future goals.

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