Support for carers from other agencies

Support for carers from other agencies

Department of Social Services (DSS)

DSS provides information and links to a range of services available locally and across Australia, including services for people with disability and those who provide care. 

You can find more information on the DSS website about these topics:

Carer Gateway

Carer Gateway is an Australian Government initiative delivering in-person, online and phone-based support and services to unpaid carers.

Anyone who provides support to a family member or friend with disability, a medical condition, mental illness or who is frail due to age can get support through Carer Gateway.

Carer Gateway service providers deliver the services free of charge to all carers no matter where they live in Australia.

Services and support include: 

You can talk to a Carer Gateway service provider by calling 1800 422 737, Monday - Friday, 8am to 5pm local time. Carer Gateway staff will talk through what you need and help you to find services and support.

You can also find more information, including the online services, to support you as a carer by visiting the Carer Gateway website

Carers Australia

Carers Australia is a national organisation that supports Australia’s carers. They work to improve the health, well being, resilience and financial security of carers.

You can find more information on the Carers Australia website

Services Australia

Services Australia have payments and services available to help carers and the person they’re caring for.

 You can find more information on the Services Australia website about:

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