The NDIS provides funding to eligible people with psychosocial disability.

The NDIS funds supports that can focus on improving your functional ability, and participation in social, work and community life. 

This includes supports that work with your psychosocial disability, in accordance with your goals and preferences to:

  • build your capacity
  • increase your levels of independence to undertake daily living activities
  • be part of your community
  • participate in social and economic life. 

We also help you to receive supports outside of the NDIS if you are not eligible for funding.

The NDIS does not replace community mental health services or treatments offered through the health system.

Psychosocial supports through Primary Health Networks

Psychosocial support services for people with mental health conditions and psychosocial needs, who are not accessing the NDIS are available through the Australian Government. 

Primary Health Networks (PHNs) commission these Commonwealth Psychosocial Supports (CPS).

This program is for people with psychosocial disability who need short-term help to function day to day. For more information you can:

The NDIS is committed to working with mainstream systems to support people with mental health conditions and psychosocial disability. 

The NDIA wants all people with psychosocial disability in the NDIS to be supported in their personal recovery and to live a life that has meaning for them.

You will have access to supports that improve social and economic participation.

Other government supports and community connections

There are services outside the NDIS that you may be able to access.

These are available even if you may not be eligible for the NDIS, or if you do not choose to become a participant.

You can access other government-funded supports such as health, mental health and education. We call these mainstream supports.

There are also services through community organisations and local councils. We call these community supports. 

The NDIS does not replace community-based support or medical/clinical treatment and interventions for people with mental health conditions.

Medical and clinical care should not stop once you are an NDIS participant.

For your supports to work well, all services need to work together to achieve the best outcomes.

The NDIS can provide support to increase independence and social and economic participation, and to be part of your community.

The NDIS works with other service systems to deliver a range of non-NDIS services required by people with mental health conditions.

We cannot fund a support if it is better provided by one of these other services. Our Mainstream and community supports page has more information.

If you have a disability or mental health condition, the NDIS can help you to connect with supports that may be available in your area, even if they are not NDIS services.

You can get this help from a local area coordinator, even if you are not eligible for NDIS funding.

How the NDIS and mental health services work together to support psychosocial disability

People with mental health conditions or psychosocial disability have the same rights to access to services as do other individuals.

It is a shared responsibility. All government systems play a critical role in supporting people with disability and mental health conditions. 

For people with psychosocial disability, the NDIS is responsible for ongoing psychosocial recovery supports that focus on a person’s functional ability.

A goal of the NDIS is full inclusion of people with disability, including psychosocial disability, in their community. 

The NDIS alone cannot meet all a person’s needs, we need an inclusive community to do this.

Governments across Australia work together to make it clear what the NDIS and other government services are responsible for. 

How the NDIS works with mainstream services

We create partnerships with mainstream services and the local community.

This creates understanding about how the NDIA and other services should work together to address gaps in services.

We will work with governments to build a strong NDIS alongside a quality mental health system.

This provides people with mental health conditions the support they need.

The Psychosocial Disability Access Factsheet 5: NDIS and other services supporting your mental health describes how the NDIS and mental health services can work together to support your psychosocial recovery

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26 April 2024
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