Your child doesn’t need a diagnosis to get help

If you have a child younger than 6, and are concerned about their development, talking to a professional who knows your child best, is a good place to start. 

This could be your child’s doctor, early childhood educator or child health nurse. 

Concerns about your child’s development may include how they:

  • Play and move around
  • Do things to take care of themselves
  • Socialise with other children
  • Communicate what they want

Compared with other children their age. 

If your child’s health or education professional agrees there are developmental concerns, our early childhood partners can help connect you to the right supports.

Children younger than 6 do not need a diagnosis from a medical professional to access support through our early childhood approach. 

Connect with your local early childhood partner

Our early childhood partners are professionals working with children younger than 6 with developmental delay and younger than 9 with disability and their families. 

Early childhood partners will work with you to understand your child’s needs and connect you to the supports and services that best meet your child’s needs. These supports and services are called early connections

Find your local early childhood partner.

Raising Children Network provides up to date information about raising children and caring for yourself as a parent or carer.

Resources for families and carers

For further information  download the Help for your child younger than 9 factsheet:

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4 October 2023
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