The NDIS Commission

The NDIS Commission is responsible for registration requirements for providers seeking to register in the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria.

Organisations seeking to provide supports in Western Australia must abide by certain rules, regulations and agreements when providing services.

WA Quality and safeguards working arrangements

Terms of Business

WA providers must follow the commercial requirements for doing business as as NDIS provider, as outlined in the NDIS Terms of Business.

Guide to suitability for WA

Providers are required to provide supports to participants consistent with the NDIA Terms of Business, WA Quality and Safeguards Working Arrangements, and Guide to Suitability.

Declaration of suitability for WA

All individuals and organisations applying for NDIS registration in WA need to complete and submit a Declaration of suitability.

Western Australia (WA) Pending State Approval (PSA) next steps

WA providers seeking NDIS registration need to apply to be on the Disability Services Commission’s Panel Contract for Individually Funded Services.

Please visit the WA Disability Services Commission website

National requirements for providers of employment supports

There are additional requirements for providers seeking approval for:

  • Assistance to Access and maintain employment or higher Education, and/or
  • Specialised Supported Employment.

These providers should not contact the WA Disability Services Commission.

Providers should upload evidence of one of the following in their myplace provider portal:

  • a current contract as a Commonwealth Disability Employment Service (DES) provider
  • a contract with a certifying body for the provision of certification
  • certification against the National Standards for Disability Services (NSDS) via the Human Services Scheme .
This page current as of
2 July 2020