Service bookings are created to put aside money in a participant’s plan to pay providers.

A service booking must be created before a participant receives services or supports.

The service booking shows the type of support participants need and how long they need it. It also confirms there is funding in their plan to pay for these supports.

A service booking is created in either the myplace participant or provider portal. This must be in place before a provider can be paid for a service provided to the particpant.

Providers can:

  • create a new service booking with a participant
  • view and edit existing service bookings
  • accept or reject a new service booking, including providing a reason for rejection
  • accept or reject a change to an existing service booking, including providing a reason for rejection
  • edit support details on a service booking, including duration, price, and quantity
  • end a service booking by updating the end date.

Creating service bookings

Service bookings must be completed before you provide supports to a participant and must be in line with the Price Guide and Support Catalogue.

When there are price limit increases, providers and participants need to discuss and agree on any changes to charges for services and supports. Once agreed, you may need to update service bookings to reflect the agreed changes.

You can create and manage service bookings with participants using the myplace service booking tile.

Service bookings can also be created by participants, their nominee, or their plan manager. NDIA representatives can also help participants complete their service bookings.

The service booking is created based on the items that have been specified in the service agreement and includes details of the specific service or support being provided.

Service bookings can be created at the category level or line item level. In most cases, service bookings are created at the category level.

Occasionally a participant's plan may include a specific line item for a type of support, or the support may require a quote. In this case the service booking must be created at the line item level. Please refer to the myplace provider portal step-by-step guide Part 4 - Administering your services for more information.

There may be multiple service bookings for each type of service within a plan.

Things to remember when you create a service booking:

  • online notifications are created when a participant or provider initiates a service booking
  • the allocated funds will be ‘locked’ to the chosen provider(s) for the life of the service booking
  • service bookings are created at the support category level, rather than the line item – this allows for flexibility across the support categories
  • a service booking must have at least one support category (displayed as Support Budget) included
  • you can have multiple support categories within one service booking
  • you can have additional service bookings for the participant for other support categories
  • you must be registered to provide the item or items in the support category
  • the service booking must be approved by both you and the participant (or their nominee or plan management provider acting on their behalf)
  • in-kind supports will not be included in the service booking.

For further detail on how to make a service booking in myplace, refer to the myplace provider portal step-by-step guides.

Managing service booking dates

Things to remember to manage your service bookings:

  • The dates of the service booking must be within the participant’s current plan.
  • If the dates of the service booking do not cover the plan duration, you can create additional service bookings, or extend it to cover the plan.
  • The dates of the service bookings (with the same support category) cannot overlap.
  • At times, you may see that service bookings about to expire (and sharing the same end date as the plan they belong to) may be automatically extended for up to 365 days until the new plan review is approved. This is to ensure there is not a gap between the plans.
  • If the plan has been automatically extended, the end date will also be automatically extended for all active service bookings. 

Managing service bookings

Allocating funding in plan budgets

A service booking may contain all, or a portion, of the allocated funds attributed to the support category, and cannot be made for more than the value of the budget allocated to the plan.

Multiple service providers

More than two providers may have a service booking for the same support category.

For example, where 30 hours of individual support is allocated in the participant’s plan, the participant may choose to split the allocation of these resources across multiple providers.

This could allow one provider to deliver supports on a weekend, assisting with social and recreational events, and another during the week to support in-home and employment outcomes.

NDIA-managed budget

If a participant has chosen the NDIA to pay their providers, a service booking is created to link the supports in their plan to their chosen providers.

Providers must approve a service booking before the participant receives services. This ensures the participant has funding allocated to pay the provider.

Providers request payment through the myplace provider portal for the supports provided.

Plan-managed budget

Where the participant has a plan manager, service bookings will be created in this order:

  1. A standard service booking for the plan manager to claim the financial intermediaries supports they have delivered to the participant;
  2. Plan-managed service bookings for each of the participant’s funded supports.

Where a plan manager has already been appointed for a participant, the plan manager arranges payment to service providers on behalf of the participant.

Self-managed budget

Service bookings are automatically generated in the system for any self-managed supports in the plan.

Self-managed participants do not need to create a service booking and will:

  • Submit a payment request in the myplace participant portal with the receipt uploaded. The NDIA will pay these funds into the participant’s nominated bank account in 2-3 business days; or
  • Submit a payment request in the myplace participant portal with an invoice from the provider. The NDIA will pay the funds into the participant’s nominated bank account in 2-3 business days and then the participant will pay the provider.

Edit a service booking

Providers cannot create or change service bookings retrospectively. Where a service booking is changed, both the participant and provider must agree to the requested change.

A service booking can only be edited as follows. You can:​

  • extend current service bookings up until the end date of the participant plan
  • adjust the quantity or funding amount allocated against a category or item, as long as there is enough remaining budget within the participant’s plan.

For more information about how to edit a service booking in myplace, refer to the myplace provider portal step-by-step guides.

Ending a service booking

A participant can choose to change providers if they wish to. You will need to end the current service booking with the existing supports to allow the new provider to create a new service booking.

To cancel an existing service booking you do not need to delete it, you only need to update the end date.

Providers have the opportunity to enter the accrual amount to ensure sufficient funds are retained in the service booking to cover pending payment requests for services delivered.

Any unspent funds are returned to the available support category balance. This ensures you can continue claiming for services provided, but the participant can use the unspent funds in a new service booking.

Note: only delete a service booking if it is made in error, not when there are past or future payment requests attached to that service booking.

For more information about how to end a service booking in myplace, refer to the myplace provider portal step-by-step guides.

This page current as of
13 May 2020