Connecting with NDIA systems

The NDIA is providing access to Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to allow connections between registered providers and some NDIA systems and data.

These APIs will be managed and improved on by the NDIA Digital Partnership Office (DPO).

APIs are available for registered providers and software developers working with registered providers. They should be used only for the purpose of automating transactions providers would usually complete in the myplace Provider Portal.

More work is being done to release more APIs and allow other businesses to start accessing NDIA APIs.

How to start using our API services

Register for development access

  1. Download and complete:
    1. NDIA Digital Providers Questionnaire (DOCX 97KB)
    2. NDIA Digital Providers Terms and Conditions (PDF 30KB)

  2. Obtain a current (within four weeks of sending) company extract for your company. This can be purchased for a small fee on the ASIC website. The date on the extract should be no earlier than four weeks prior to the date you post these documents to NDIA.
  3. Email responses to [email protected].
  4. Post hard copies of the completed Terms and Conditions to:

API Onboarding
NDIA Digital Partnership Office
GPO Box 700 

Please note original hard copies of your Terms and Conditions must be received before access can be granted.

  1. The DPO will review your application and let you know the outcome.
  2. If your application is successful, we will send you a technical pack with:
    • Onboarding Guide
    • NDIA PRODA step-by-step guide API Connect
    • PRODA B2B Software Developers Guide.
  3. Register for a PRODA test account by following the instructions in the technical pack.
  4. Activate your account in the vendor developer portal using the link that will be emailed to you.
  5. You can then view the API specifications in the vendor developer portal.

Access to NDIA Production APIs

To gain access to our APIs in the production environment, you will need to:

  1. Finish developing the software you want to publish.
  2. Email the API support team to let them know you are ready to test. They will send you a test plan test data and test results template. 
  3. Return your completed test results for the API support team to review.
  4. Once successful, we will let you know and start the process to grant production access, including whitelisting and PRODA client ID details.
  5. Complete PRODA production authentication, and you will have production access.

If you have any questions about the APIs, email [email protected].

APIs available

All APIs are subject to the same rules that apply to myplace provider portal transactions. Refer to the provider portal guides for more information.

This page current as of
8 June 2021
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