In-kind funding arrangements

In-kind is a temporary funding arrangement.

Under these arrangements, state, territory and / or Commonwealth governments pre-pay providers to deliver some disability-related programs.

When NDIS participants use these programs, we call the pre-paid supports they get ‘in-kind’.

Providers delivering in-kind supports have been paid in advance by the government, so must not claim payments from participants as well.

Your state, territory and / or Commonwealth government will have previously told you if you deliver in-kind supports.

Transition period

In-kind arrangements have gradually been phased out and many have already transitioned.

As of 1 January 2024, there are two in-kind programs still operating, which are due to be phased out by 31 December 2024:

More information

For more information on your in-kind funding arrangement, contact your government program manager.

You can also visit the In-kind supports for participants page.

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18 January 2024
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